cool stork

Cool Stork

Features of the Products

  • BAREFOOT: Design that is suitable for natural structure of foot and supporting development.
  • Foot pad providing superior comfort with Orthoflex® technology.
  • Special non-slippery BioVegan® leather outsole.
  • Permeable woven fabrics, %100 Cotton Inner Lining.
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • %100 Doğal silikon lastikler.
  • Active TPU protection on toe and heel, special for active little ones
    has a band.
  • Other items in the box; Hopfrög booties, Durable cylinder box eco-friendly carrier bag: A gift from us so that you can carry your bootees when they get dirty, with a zipped carrier bag made of completely recycled materials. Protective washing net, Keep your bootees as new and clean as the first day even after washing them.