What is it that makes Hopfrög Kids Booties so special?

Hopfrög’s environmentally and human-friendly products
are made from recyclable materials and don’t contain
any harmful substances. Well aware of our duty to
ensure we pass on a clean planet to our children and
promise them a bright future, Hopfrög only uses
natural, organic, recyclable, and harmless materials.
Höpfrog booties come in many designs, all of which aim
to allow children to run, jump, and play comfortably with
their little feet breathing. Comfort is at the forefront: all
of our booties can be taken on and off easily and they
are also wash-friendly. But color and pattern are also so
important, with designs inspired by nature, cartoons,
fairytales, sweet animals, and cute monsters, we’re sure
to get your child excited to put on their booties!



Let your little one walk on clouds… Our barefoot booties mimic the natural shape of the foot while also supporting development. This design was inspired by our wish to go back to those simple times when children played barefoot in the grass, all the while supporting their healthy orthopedic development.


Hopfrög Kids provides superior comfort and protects little feet thanks to its special foot pads. With its energy absorption feature, this inner sole works like a shield against impacts during contact with the floor, protecting your child’s feet, providing comfort when walking, and avoiding heat loss through cold floors. Your child’s comfort is guaranteed with 100% recycled OrtoFlex® technology.


High-grip soles make things so much easier for your liltle one in the early days. But many anti-slip products make it harder for your child to take their first steps as they grip too well.
Excessive gripping can cause your baby to fall. With this in mind, we designed a special sole that leaves the floor when your child steps forward to prevent falls. Animal-friendly vegan products…


Hopfrög Kids booties are breathable from tip to toe.
Our booties are made with 100% cotton lining to absorb sweat and wick moisture away from little feet. Let your child’s feet breathe and wriggle free!

Size Chart

DE : Größen sind ungefähre Angaben. Messen Sie immer die Füße Ihres Kindes (cm), um die beste Passform zu erzielen. Hopfrög Produkte haben eine großzügige Passform, die auf Bewegung und Wachstum ausgelegt ist.

UK : Sizes are approximate. Always measure your child’s feet (cm) for the best fit. Hopfrög Products are a generous fit designed for movement and growth.

SE : Storlekarna är ungefärliga. Mät alltid ditt barns fötter (cm) för bästa passform. Hopfrögs produkter är en generös passform utformad för rörelse och tillväxt.

IT : Le dimensioni sono approssimative. Misura sempre i piedi del tuo bambino (cm) per la migliore vestibilità. I prodotti Hopfrög hanno una vestibilità generosa progettata per il movimento e la crescita.

FR : Les tailles sont approximatives. Mesurez toujours les pieds de votre enfant (cm) pour un ajustement optimal. Les produits Hopfrög sont un ajustement généreux conçu pour le mouvement et la croissance.

ES : Los tamaños son aproximados. Mida siempre los pies de su hijo (cm) para obtener el mejor ajuste. Los productos Hopfrög tienen un ajuste generoso diseñado para el movimiento y el crecimiento.

TR : Yaklaşık boyutlar kullanılmıştır. Uyumlu olabilmesi için her siparişten önce çocuğunuzun ayağını (cm cinsinden) ölçün. Hopfrög ürünü patikler, çocuğunuzun ayağının hareketini kısıtlamadan büyümesine uyum sağlayacak şekilde tasarlanmıştır.

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We work to ensure that your chıldren are comfortable when they take theır fırst steps.


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